Bobby D: The Alpha Tiger

Principal Devine, also known as “Bobby D.,” is the principal at Idaho Falls High School. The principal got his legendary nickname from observing a class that, coincidentally, was talking about the “Origin of Nicknames.” When he was younger, in 4th grade, there were four kids named Bobby in his class. In the class that he was observing, Devine was asked what his old nickname was and, without thinking, he told them, “Bobby D.” The name went viral and has stuck with him ever since.
Devine has been in education for 36 years and this is his 27th being in administration. He started his career in Washington state where he also grew up on an island named Oak Harbor. He’s done many things throughout his career such as coach sports, French, Spanish, Speech, and Newspaper. Before he came to Idaho Falls High School, he worked at the District level where he didn’t work with many students. He then came to IFHS so then he could do just that.
As the principal of Idaho Falls High School, Devine wants to improve communication, problem solving, and also being more goal oriented in school. He also thinks that students should be on their phones less. “I am concerned with how much time students are engaged with using their phones to the point where it’s an addiction,” stated Devine. He would also like to see the teamwork skills at IFHS excel enormously because with teamwork we can accomplish many things and develop courage and perseverance.
Last year (2016-2017), there was also an assembly that Devine had put together that had an opening video titled, “What Students Really Need To Hear [Video].” You can find this video on YouTube. The video states that we need to focus on the main event in life. It says that academics and school are important, but it is more important to focus on how to deal with life. The video also says that your teachers care about you as a person and not just as a grade. “I look at every student as if they were my own son or daughter,” stated Devine.
Devine has also started the School Recognition Club. The whole plan around the club is “The Renaissance.” This group revolves around recognizing small groups not just in school, but also outside of school. This group is made up of 14 people. They sell discount cards for a variety of places. Also, a couple things we can look forward to is that there is going to be an assembly that will feature a surprise motivational speaker on the 18th of October. This assembly will focus on challenges faced during high school. Principal Devine also clued us in on the possible “Monday Morning Mindset Moment.” This will mostly focus on making us think about school and what we are going to be taking on.
Obviously, Devine’s 36 years of experience in the school system has really paid off. Principal Devine is well educated and will do his best to help this school excel. We, Idaho Falls High School, are lucky to have him here to help us.

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