IFHS Dominates Swim Meet

Between the earlier hours of 8:00 and 11:30 AM, over 100 people dragged themselves out of bed to watch our amazing Idaho Falls High School swim team and their competitors go head to head to fight for a spot at the state competition in November. Swimmers jumped into their suits, caps, and goggles, and dove into the pool for warm-ups. Once all the teams were ready, the meet began with the Girls’ 200 Medley Relay. It was a great way to start the day because our A team girls took first in the event, beating the 2nd place competition by over 13 seconds.

After this, everyone was awake and ready for the next event. The boys more than anyone else wanted to show that they were just as good as the girls, so they brought their A-game in the Boys’ 200 Medley Relay. Not only did the boys A team take first in that event, but they had a faster time than 2nd place by 6 seconds.

After winning the first two events, our IFHS swim team was filled with excitement and determination to keep up their streak. Even with the chlorine burning in their eyes, throat, and nose, they still managed to scream their lungs out during each event, nearly bursting the eardrums of those around them.

When the swim meet was coming to a close, the long awaited–and dreaded– boys’ and girls’ 500 races finally reared their ugly heads. For those that aren’t aware, the 500 races are composed of 20 laps back and forth in the pool. Although this event is one of the toughest, Kailee Puetz (junior) and Averey Koonce (sophomore) took 2nd and 3rd place in the Girls’ 500 Free, and Are Steen (junior) took 1st, Dallin Smith (senior) took 3rd, and Trevin Facer (junior) took 4th.

Overall, the boys and girls Tigers dominated the swim meet, crushing all other teams in their path (Rigby, Bonneville, Hillcrest, and Madison). Many students qualified to the state swim meet, and others will try again at the next meet. When everyone was packing to leave, we showed our tiger spirit and sent out a cheer to Rigby High School, the runner up. The always victorious Tigers left the pool to go to a team breakfast, still in their suits.

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