Emotion Bowl

As we all know, Idaho Falls is a small town where nothing interesting really happens, but once a year something special happens. Every fall, our small town of 60,000 takes their side on who they will support during the Emotion Bowl, and though there are hundreds of thousands of high schools in the United States, the rivalry between IFHS and Skyline is among the most famous.

The IFHS Tigers started out strong in the 1st quarter, scoring the first touchdown. Noah Hillam (senior) sprinted to the end zone to catch the ball. This had the crowd on their feet and full of hope. The crowd was a bit discouraged when Skyline scored next, but we were filled with nail-biting enthusiasm during half time when the score was tied 14-14.

After half time, the hype started to leave the crowd when Skyline  scored two consecutive touchdowns, but with the cheerleaders’, and Ashley Nelson’s help, we cheered our team on to another touchdown.

Sadly, the Grizzlies scored two more touchdowns, winning the Emotion Bowl for the 4th  year in a row. It was an emotional loss for the Tigers, many in the stands were seen crying and yelling. Despite this, we picked our heads up and walked out of the stadium proud of the effort we put into the game, and ready to win next year.

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