Sandwich Tree Review

The Sandwich Tree is, more or less, a decently sized dive with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. While it could be easily compared to other more commonly known sandwich shops, this one is a bit more special and unique. We went to the Sandwich Tree to try two sandwiches: their most popular and a sandwich of their choice. The wait for the sandwiches aren’t super long, but aren’t all that short either; the wait is worth it.
Their most popular sandwich, The Angel Special, has roast beef, pastrami, bacon, pickles, mustard, and mayo on it. The owner of the Sandwich Tree actually invented this sandwich and named it after herself (Angel). The sandwich was great. Although it was slightly messy, it was totally worth it. The other sandwich that they gave us had roast beef, turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and ranch on it. It was very good and all the flavors tasted fresh and crispy.
We had a chance to speak with one of the workers, Elvia Ortiz. She stated that the atmosphere at the Sandwich Tree makes it very fun to work there. “Everything on our sandwiches is hand sliced or homemade. The bread that we use here is made fresh everyday with our secret recipe that no one knows,” stated Ortiz. The Sandwich Tree has a wide variety of sandwich combinations and also the choice of customization. Ortiz also clued us in on their High School Special where you can get a sandwich, drink, and chips all for $5.00 even.
Whatever kind of sandwich that you’re looking for– whether it’s a classic made just for you or a great new creation– you can get it at the Sandwich Tree.

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