Club Watch: Debate

Debate is a very useful and well known club at IF, but for more insight, I went to Lincoln Douglas captain, Darcy Ritchie (junior). Darcy is intelligent, kind, and a good debater. With the knowledge she has shared with me, I hope that it will show people things about debate that they never knew and maybe even convince some to join the team. Here’s what she had to tell:

“I don’t know exactly how long debate has been around, but I know it’s been for quite some time. I joined debate because I had heard a lot of things about it– some good, some bad. I’ve always liked debating and I thought it would be cool to do it competitively. I also needed a hobby.

Many people wonder why debate is a class and not just a club, but it’s because there [are] a lot of things you need to learn in order to be successful and really understand debate. We use class time to really prepare, help, and teach each other.

We have a huge feeling of community on our team! We’ve really grown close with each other and have a lot of inside jokes. I love the debate family and the way we can joke around and have fun, but also work hard and support each other.

Debate has taught me to stay educated about the world. It’s super important to be aware so that you can have educated conversations about things. Always share your voice and what’s happening in the world! My favorite part of debate is our debate family. We have so many weird inside jokes and we all cheer for and love each other. I’ve made so many amazing friends through debate!”

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