Club Watch: Ben & Jerry’s Conservation Club

Ben & Jerry’s Conservation Club is in charge of recycling at IFHS. By recycling paper, cardboard, plastics, etc., this group raises money and helps participate in many conservation projects for the school. Oaklee Woolstenhulme, a member of the group, says, ”Ben & Jerry’s is an amazing club and includes several activities… it’s not all about recycling, though. We have many fun parties throughout the year with tons of food and activities.”

Every time a member of the club recycles they earn a ticket to put in a drawing to possibly win a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for that month. Woolstenhulme also stated, ”Every day after school a few of the members will walk around the school to collect the paper from the classrooms’ paper bins.” They then give the recycling to a company that pays them for it. If you are interested in this club, it meets every Tuesday at lunch in Mrs. Straub’s room, 122.

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