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New Trimester Orginization

It’s finally the end of the hardest trimester. We only have a few more weeks till spring break now and we have the opportunity to be done with finals and start fresh again. Sometimes it can be hard finding motivation to get prepared once more for the third and final trimester. I chose to ask some students how they like […]

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Publication Fundamentals class

This class was fun and it really got your imagination going. I really recommend for you to join this class because you make friends and it’s fun writing what you want to write about and spreading your imagination to other people. I highly advise for you to take publication fundamentals next year so you can have fun and contribute to […]

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This is my last newspaper article at IFHS, and it’s been a new and great experience. Since I’ve been in newspaper, I have a new love for writing. I will miss the class because it has been fun writing articles and interviewing people. Newspaper has opened up a new view for me; I have seen a new perspective on peoples’ […]

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Local Composer gets his Start here in Idaho Falls

This year, a local composer will perform at the Idaho Falls Opera Theatre. His performance, called “Persephone,” based on the Greek myth, will come directly after the main showing of, “Carmina Burana.” After this performance, Roger Evans will travel out of state to perform for audiences across the country. Even those who wouldn’t consider themselves opera fans can still admit […]

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Circle Of Friends Club

At our school, we have many clubs that help benefit many of our school’s students. Circle of Friends helps with the special needs kids, but Circle of Friends has many more purposes other than just that. The positions in the group include president, vice president. secretary. and treasure. The treasure means that the person helps handle and gather/earn money.

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Summer’s Coming!

The second trimester ends on March 3rd, and that means summer’s coming- and soon. What are some things you can do over the summer? There are many things to over the summer. For example, go on a vacation, go hiking, go swimming, go biking with your family, create and finish a bucket list, go to a movie with your friends. […]

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Spring into Shape

Spring is right around the corner, which means baseball and track are coming our way too. Lots of boys are involved with baseball and many boys and girls enjoy the sport, track. Sometimes it can be hard to get back into a sport or physical activity in general if you have not done it in some time. The transition from […]

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My Fare Lady

“My Fare Lady” is the district musical for this year in District 91.  It is about Eliza Doolittle who is a flower girl. She takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins so that she can pass as a lady. The cast this year is amazing with so many talented people. The lead who is playing Eliza Doolittle is Emily Mcallister, […]

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Art Students at IFHS Display their Hidden Works through Aurasma Apps

Although you can’t see them, there are dozens of pieces of artwork hidden around the school. Recently, digital art students at IFHS completed their latest project, a virtual art gallery. The only way to see this is to download the Aurasma app. The app allows students to view the invisible creations littered about the school. Simply point your phone or […]

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District Competition

This weekend is one of the biggest competitions of the year for the cheer team! Saturday is the district competition- this could mean they are either done for the season or they make it to state! They are always there for the basketball team and honestly it will be pretty rude if the student support is not there for them […]

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